Arahath Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi Thero

Most venerable Thero went in to retreat to meditate and was living in the forests for over 15 years, all the while associating and learning from well experienced and skillful teachers. Most venerable thero spent time physically practicing, exercising profound meditation and investigating the Dhamma. Arahath Wajirabuddhi Thero, amidst obstacles persevered to self -experienced and practically understand the pure Dhamma as proclaimed by the Siddharta Goutama Samma Sambuddha.

In the year 2006, Arahath Wajirabuddhi thero decided to speak to those who are in search of pure Dhamma and to authenticate to them that pure Dhamma as proclaimed by Siddharta Goutama Samma Sambuddha is always accessible within one's own self and with right effort, anyone could practically experience the process of liberation from the samsaric cycle of rebirth. As such a series of Dhamma sermons were transmitted nationwide via Hill Country Radio of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

Depicting the colossal difference between the prevailing “Buddhism” and the four noble truths based Dhamma expounded by the Buddha, Arahath Wajirabuddhi thero addresses the sermons with abundant clarity.

One of the many significant points the Arahath presents throughout his sermons is that, "Buddhism" is not by all means a religion. Buddha's teaching cannot be framed by man made labels such as religion, race, or nationalities. Buddha's teaching is all about the laws of mother nature, about humanity and most importantly it is away of life.

In the present day when we are bound to think pure Dhamma seem to perish, having an opportunity to listen to the awakening sermons made by Arahath Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi thero is indeed a blessing and it is “the priceless gift” of a life time.
Arahath Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi Thero

Dhamma Sermons / Discussions


Sadaham Maga - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Lokaya - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Shraddawa - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Buddha Sasanaya - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Bhawana - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Chathurarya Sathyaya - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Arya Ashtangika Margaya - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Budu Guna - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Dhaham Guna - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Sanga Guna - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Dana Seela Bawana - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Pruthakjana bawayen mideema - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Bhawanawen Thorawa Niwan Dakiya Hakida - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Piritha Saha Buddha Deshanawa - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Dana Seela Bawana - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Dana Seela Bawana - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi
Dana Seela Bawana - Arahat Mahanuwara Wajirabuddhi

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